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Friday, March 28, 2003

News from the Blogfront:

Quick notes on other warblog sites around the web. This is BY NO MEANS comprehensive. It is mostly concerned with blogs from in or near the warzone and newsblogs like CP.

From the warzone:
Salam Pax hasn't posted since the 24th.
Kevin Sites has pushed the Pause button.
Live From Kuwait - Apparently done by a civilian in Kuwait, mostly commentary.
Lt. Smash - The URL changed some time ago, but El-Tee is still going strong.
Primary Main Objective
is up, but nothing new since the 24th.
Grant Haller, a photographer for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and M.L. Lyke from the same paper were on the USS Lincoln. However, they've just posted that they're coming home as of the 26th.
Peter Sundt - Blogging for the Seattle P-I from a relief camp in Jordan

Other blogs:
The Agonist - Intersperses rants with latest news
Daily Kos
- Another one where patience is required. No doubt slow due to a lot of the publicity it's received and to some server maintenance. Generally anti-war commentary with some news mixed in. Posts pictures of military personnel listed as missing or killed.
Blogs of War has had a minute by minute update on the war since it began.
Warblog Central. - Cato the Youngest has a nice roundup of several warblogs.
Winds of Change - Has a nice daily update entitled Winds of War. - GREAT news site. Worth a look.

And as always, there's The Command Post, a warblog news collective by the best bloggers in the world (including yours truly).

"Today's report confirms that, despite White House scare tactics, Social Security remains sound for decades to come.."

-? Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (NV) upon hearing reports that the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds will go bankrupt even earlier than predicted.

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