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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Less than two shopping days until stompin' time...

President Bush said it all last night. It's about time. Now watch for the Vichy French to try some last-minute grandstanding.

Be warned, however, that once it's over, the left is going to pooh-pooh what comes after. They're going to nitpick the aftermath and claim President Bush's success in Iraq was really failure because Iraq didn't immediately establish a representative republic like the U.S. has within two seconds of Saddam's ouster.

A little speculation...

The left has been up in arms over North Korea's saber-rattling - conveniently forgetting, of course, that it was Clinton's soft-on-terror approach that got us into this mess - and I wonder if it isn't going to backfire on them a bit. The main thrust of thier arguments is, "We're invading Iraq, which we can't prove has nuclear weapons, etc., but North Korea admits they have them and is willing ot use them. Why aren't we doing something about that?"

Suppose once Iraq is defeated President Bush suddenly decides to confront North Korea? Will the left be as gung-ho about action or will they simply repeat the tired refrain that President Bush is a "cowboy?"

Who would want Saddam?

The President was gracious enough to give Saddam 48 hours to leave town, but who would want this guy in thier country? What follows is just a smattering from various human-rights groups:

Amnesty International: Iraq: Systematic Torture of Political Prisoners
Human Rights Watch: Iraq: The Death Penalty, Executions, and Prison Cleansing
The Iraq Foundation: Experts Say Iraqi Regime's Crimes Exposed by Its Own Documents
United Nations Commission on Human Rights: Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iraq (link via Human Rights Internet)

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"Today's report confirms that, despite White House scare tactics, Social Security remains sound for decades to come.."

-? Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (NV) upon hearing reports that the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds will go bankrupt even earlier than predicted.

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