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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Hollywood celebs: Anti-war or anti-Bush?

MRC has a great summary of John Fund's OpinionJournal editorial from last week. The subhead should say it all: "Hollywood celebs aren't antiwar. They just hate the president." Fund goes on to point out how many of the same celebrities who today are denouncing President Bush's actions on Iraq were only a few years ago solidly behind former President Clinton when he engaged in military actions - in several cases without U.N. resolutions. A couple of excerpts:

But in 1999, [actor Mike] Farrell defended the Clinton administration's rationale for war in Kosovo: "I think it's appropriate for the international community in situations like this to intervene. I am in favor of an intervention." To avoid casualties, the Clinton administration had bombers fly at such high altitudes that "collateral damage" to civilians was bound to increase.

Sheryl Crow is appalled by George Bush's moves against Iraq, but she had no problem with Bill Clinton's intervention in the Balkans. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the singer accompanied Hillary Clinton on a USO tour to entertain U.S. troops in Bosnia. "Once over there, I felt extremely patriotic," Ms. Crow told a reporter that year. "Here are these people, from 18-year-olds to military veterans, enduring real duress for the cause of peace. I don't ever want to play for a regular audience again, only military folks who are starving for music."

For more info on the hypocrisy of Hollywood celebrities, visit MRC's Spotlight page. They have also opened up a new page dedicated exclusively to countering the New York Times.

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