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Friday, March 14, 2003

The Aussies weigh in...

The Prime Minister of Australia had some not-so-nice words for French President Chirac.

If US and British troops now massed on Iraq's borders went home, "does anybody really believe the weapons inspectors would then continue to get cooperation from Iraq?," he asked.

Bush should just go ahead with the UN vote, which the Vichy French will veto, then defeat Iraq and trot the banned weapons they find right in front of the Security Council. They should take international reporters on a tour of Iraq's hijacking site in Salman Pak and into Saddam's torture chambers and prisons. Expose all the French-made goods illegally going to Iraq. Show the world the French are total idiots. The U.N. has already decided they want to be irrelevant, so let them be irelevant.

Bill Safire's Thursday column in the New York Times shows you what I mean. (The Times requires free registration to read its articles)

Russia's dilemma

New York Newsday has a report on why the Russians are really in a dilemma over Iraq.

It's about anythng but oil

The BBC has a column by Daniel Yergen explaining the lack of reality behind the claims that the U.S. confrontation with Iraq is "all about oil."

And with regard to more time and inspections posted an article which thoroughly and utterly refutes the idea that more time and more inspections will do anything other than waste more time.

Time and resources can make a difference to the outcome of the inspections only if you assume (a) that Saddam aims to hold on to his forbidden weapons and (b) that in spite of this, the inspectors will eventually be able to find them anyway.

If Saddam did not intend to hold on to any of his weapons, he could simply have given the UN the full and accurate declaration of what he had, as Resolution 1441 required. Instead, as Hans Blix, the chief inspector, has testified, he submitted a declaration full of unanswered questions. As to (b), if Iraq does not tell the inspectors where its weapons are, how can any number of inspectors know where to find them? Even if they found some, how would they know when they had found the lot?

Blair hanging tough

UPI has an interesting read on why Tony Blair isn't in as much trouble as the mainstream media thinks he is.

The Elizabeth Smart story just keeps getting weirder

There are a number of disturbing reports about Elizabeth Smart and her captors, leading many to start speculating whether she was kidnaped, brainwashed or may have run away.

Of course, the media's usual religious bigotry is on full display. Brian Mitchell, her captor, is constantly referred to in the media as a "self-described prophet to the homeless." Constant reference is made to this nutcase's supposed religious beliefs, and the media mentions the Bible and God whenever they can. Characterizing bomb-wielding terrorists as typical Islamic radicals is racist, but characterizing homeless wackos as Bible-thumping fundamentalists as all the rage.

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"Today's report confirms that, despite White House scare tactics, Social Security remains sound for decades to come.."

-? Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (NV) upon hearing reports that the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds will go bankrupt even earlier than predicted.

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