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Monday, February 10, 2003

Missing the Point

I think liberals as well as some conservatives are totally missing the point on a couple of big issues.

The debate over Colin Powell's speech at the U.N. last week was cleverly manuevered by the media into a question of whether or not Secretary Powell would produce the "smoking gun" naysaysers insist upon.

Powell's speech was about Iraq only in part, and cannot be accurately understood apart from President Bush's remarks the next day. Their remarks delivered a one-two punch which leaves the U.N. and liberals in a quandary. Only three possible conclusions remain:

1. Powell's information is accurate. In this case, Saddam is violating U.N. resolutions and action is necessary, meaning Bush was right all along.
2. Powell's information was accurate, but the U.N. must decide what to do. In this case, they are, like the President, saying the U.N. must decide if they have the guts to back up what they say. Calls for continued resolutions and inspections is merely a continuation of the failed U.N. policies Saddam has been flouting for twelve years.
3. Powell's information was not accurate or persuasive. This is the last bastion of the uninformed and the unmovable. The former group have no idea what Resolution 1441 was all about, nor do they care; the latter wouldn't be convinced even if Powell produced a canister of VX gas personally autographed by Saddam himself.

Thus we see that the statements by the President and Secretary Powell have totally and completely outflanked the liberal left, and it is only a matter of time before they degenerate into utter foolishness.

The left/right media bias debate is rearing its head again. Brent Bozell is dueling with Eric Alterman over at NRO, and Jack Shafer over at Slate is revving up a series.

I think liberals - and very often conservatives who get sucked into these debates - miss the point entirely. The issue is NOT whether the media has a conservative or liberal bias. The fundamental difference between conservative and liberal news sources is that conservative ones ADMIT their bias, while liberal ones deny it altogether, claiming the fiction of "objective reporting."

The world has no doubt the political leanings of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Media Research Center, The Washington Times and a whole host of conservative journalists and pundits. If you ask them if they are a conservative, they'll no doubt answer, "sure."

Turn it around to avowedly liberal media outlets and personalities, and they'll usually mouth something to the effect of "we may be liberal, but that doesn't influence our reporting, and any bias that exists is due to all our right-wing corporate owners."

"Today's report confirms that, despite White House scare tactics, Social Security remains sound for decades to come.."

-? Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (NV) upon hearing reports that the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds will go bankrupt even earlier than predicted.

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